We Gon’ Sip Bacardi Like Its Your Birthday

Twenty-six years ago at 11:38 AM my parents came face to face with this:


All 4 pounds and 13 ounces of me.


I grew into this.


And this.  I’m not sure what’s with the mouse things.  Its kind of weird.


The photo on the right is my mom’s all time favorite of me.  My two cousins also had those outfits.  My sister had no such luck of having to wear it.


Apparently at the ripe old age of 3 or 4 I thought I was a gangster playing BINGO with my backwards cap.


On the left, a birthday party.  On the right fruit punch stained lips in my swimsuit.  The glory days of summer as a kid I tell you.


I still make these faces on the reg.


Another birthday party.  Glass slipper collecting had begun.


Sunbathing in my mini chair.  I’m willing to bet that my mom would take up residence in that empty chair.


Apparently this is one of the best photos ever taken of me.  It was one of my senior portraits.  My parents had it blown up to an astronomical size and had it hanging on their bedroom wall for awhile.  It definitely creeped me out.  And it isn’t there anymore.

photo (3)

This is my aunt’s favorite photo of me.  Man that messy hair started early.


This is me now (well on Halloween).  Although I currently have less forehead and more bangs.

Hoping to an awesome 26th year.  25 ended on a high note.


Finally, the end.

I told you I’d finish this before the end of January.  I know I’m cutting it close, but, here we are at #10. 

“Give Something Back

So I used to be better at this.  I used to be better at tithing.  I used to be better at giving my time to others. I used to better at it.  It kind of sucks in actuality because I am a good hearted person and I want to give back to people.  Although I tend to complain about not having things, I honestly have much more than most people.  I think at the end of the day, we are all afraid of the, “what ifs” in life.  What if my car breaks down?  What if I lose my job?  What if, this what if that?  If I give my money away, what if something happens?  I know that realistically the joy I would get out of giving something to someone else will always outweigh the burden it might put on me, but I really need to get better at it. 

So for 2013, I’m going to give to others.  Whether it is my time, my talents (wait I don’t have any of those) or my money, I’m going to do it.  I’ve been contemplating going with my church to Paraguay, but I’m insanely nervous, so we will see about that. 

My weekend in a nutshell:

I spent time with my bf, worked out, ran errands, and made soup that I’m basically going to have coming out my nose.  I have eaten 3 meals of it and have enough for at least 3 or 4 more.  But I don’t know how that will get eaten.  Wednesday is my birthday and I plan on going out to eat.  I could freeze the soup, but I’m not an expert. 

I also caved and got Taylor Swift’s new CD.  I didn’t want to like it, but I do, and I’m not a fan of that.  But we won’t tell anyone.  Just because I have my hair cut like hers doesn’t mean I have to like her anymore.  I kind of don’t want to, but her stuff is too catchy.  Anyway, birthday week has begun and I’ve already killed it 2 days in a row at the gym.

Have a great week! 


Linking up for some facts about me.


(That’s me as a baby)

1.  I am the least excitable and emotion expressing person on the planet.  Sure, I smile and I do like things, but those emotions don’t come across my face very well.  You could buy me the best thing in the world and my face will appear as if I do not like it.  It really does nothing for most of my relationships.  In fact, most people have no idea if I’m being serious or sarcastic; if I like them or hate them; or how I’m feeling in any situation.  I am who I am.

2.  In relation to #1, I am also, the least affectionate person you will ever meet.  No joke, I don’t hug, (although I’m really trying to work on that).  I don’t really like to cuddle, I have to be in the mood for it.  Although, I have found that when it comes out of nowhere, I do kind of like it.  I probably won’t pat you on the back, or give you a high five.


3.  I’ve become a closet neat freak, and can’t leave the house with my bed unmade.  It really weird me out.  I like to come home to a made bed.

4.   I haven’t seen approximately 90% of the movies that people deem “classic” or “must see”.  Apparently I didn’t have time for any of it?

5.  I also, no matter how interesting or excited to see the movie I am, tend to fall asleep watching them unless I’m doing something else.  I’ve fallen asleep in movie theaters.  That’s why I kind of need to eat popcorn, because multi-tasking is what I do.


6.  I used to have a million spare toothbrushes (I haven’t stocked up in awhile) and keep one in my desk at work.  But since I got a Sonicare for Christmas,  these spares will probably never get used.

7.  I don’t get tipsy, I go from sober to drunk in a snap.  There is no in-between.  One moment I feel fine and like I could drink all night.  And 5 minutes later I’m contemplating on which unfortunate fool is going to have to carry me home.  I also tend to have trouble tasting some alcohol (namely vodka), so it goes down like water.

8.  I am addicted to Red Vines and dark chocolate covered raisins.  I do enjoy other candy, who doesn’t?  But these are really the only things necessary.

9.  I am a running addict.  I love to run.  Outside has become my new favorite, and 5 miles is my distance of choice, but I injured my leg/knee and I haven’t ran in 2.5 weeks and it is killing me.


10.  Some might say I cry a lot.  I cry when I’m mad, sad, or frustrated.  It really is the one way that I release all my tensions and built up stress.  Sometimes it is only for a few seconds, and others it is a good, deep sob that if my neighbors heard they’d probably assume something or someone died.

11.  I have music ADD.  I struggle to find the song that I want to hear at that moment and switch the radio or my iPod all the time.  I’m sorry if we are ever on a road trip together, it might not be fun.


12.  Coffee addict.  Strong.  Half & Half.  Stevia.  Heaven.  Hot or cold.  Preferably not from Starbucks.  Don’t hate.  It tastes like mud.

13.  I like to be a girl and feel pretty, but I pretty much only spend 15 minutes on my appearance most days.  That includes fixing the rat’s nest aka my tangled hair; applying makeup; and picking out my clothes/jewelry.  Luckily I feel pretty this way, otherwise we’d have some issues.

14.  I drink massive amount of water.  I don’t like to not have it nearby.


15.  I live for country music and wish that I lived in Tennessee.  I also wish I had cowboy boots to wear, because that would make everything perfect.

16.  I think life would be simpler if I lived close enough to work so that I didn’t have to be up until 7.  I’m kind of a morning person, but it seems that if I get 5 hours or 8 hours of sleep if my rise and shine time is 7 I am 100% happier throughout my day.

17.  Speaking of sleep, I don’t sleep well most of the time.  Maybe it is all in my head, or maybe it isn’t.  All I know is that I don’t feel like I get a deep night’s sleep most nights of the week.  There are some exceptions.

18.  I’m a work-out-aholic.  I’m obsessed.  I can’t life enough heavy weights at the gym.  The more, the better.  The heavier, the better.  I’m pretty buff and with the running injury I’m going to turn into the hulk.  It should be pretty awesome.  Hope my boyfriend doesn’t mind when I turn green.

19. I like to read, a lot.  I read really fast as well.  Reading might be my favorite pastime.

20.  I want to be into drinking wine, I don’t oppose it, but I’m cheap and really I’d rather waste the calories on ice cream.


21.  My hair is natural.  I don’t do anything to it but wash, condition, and maybe put some detangler in it.  I don’t dye, and never have.  I don’t intend to until I start going grey, and hopefully that isn’t any time soon.  I’m almost 26 though so I better watch out.

22.  I love pajamas. I like cute matching ones.  They are my favorite.  They don’t help me sleep, but I love putting them on.  I’m on the hunt for some spring/summer ones since my super warm ones will only be usable for a month or two longer here.

23.  I love pizza, French toast, and Mexican food. If you’re taking me out to eat, there is a 95% chance that it will be a restaurant that serves one of these.

24.  I’m kind of full of myself (hence having a blog about me and posting photos of myself) and am always looking at myself in the mirror.  Not in a cocky sort of way, but in a, “man I look awesome today with very little effort,” kind of way.  Which I now realize, is kind of cocky.


25.  I’m a terrible dancer, mostly because I’m kind of shy and awkward, but also because I have no rhythm.  Yes, the unfortunate side effect of being “white bread and mayonnaise.”

26.  I hate the cold.  I lived where it snowed and almost died.  That’s why I live in San Diego.  It is rarely cold.  I wear tights and leggings under my jeans when it dips below 60, because clearly that might mean hypothermia.

I did 26, because I’m turning 26 in a week and it seemed fitting.  Go link up.  This was fun, almost as fun as going to the dentist.  I kid! : )


You are not a dog

Hopefully a witty title comes to me before I post this as #9.  This might be my favorite of these 10 things for jump starting my January. 

“Reward Yourself”

I have a love-hate relationship with that phrase.  As many of my fellow pinners might have seen or known, there is an image, that says something along the lines of, “do not reward yourself with a treat, you are not a dog.”  As much as I might agree with the statement, if you don’t reward yourself for doing something, what incentive will you have to continue it?  It doesn’t have to be a treat, or something new, but I’ve rewarded myself ten times over by being able to wear a size 4.  To fit comfortably in an airline seat and have people sit next to me comfortably. 

I think that you should reward yourself sometimes.  Maybe not too much, or you might take it for granted, but sometimes you should.  A reward doesn’t have to be a few drinks with the girls, mom’s spaghetti and meatballs, or some Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, but it could be.  It could also be a massage, new shoes, or treating yourself to a movie. 

In other news, my knee is not healing, it falsely made me think it was okay because there was NO PAIN all weekend.  However, today it made up for that ten-fold.  Anyway, bandaging up my knee for the week until I go to the doctor. And hopefully I don’t die, because this not being able to run is absolutely killing me.  You seriously have no idea.  

My weekend involved lots of R&R with the fella, and we saw Django Unchained.  It was really, really good.  You should see it, but be prepared if blood makes you squeamish.  And its long, but totally worth seeing. 


I’m really not meaning to take a hiatus, and I was dong so well.  I’ve just been sucked into these books:

photo (1)

 I am more than halfway through “Catching Fire” and I can’t wait to see where it goes.   I have been falling asleep reading, clearly blogging is taking a back burner.  But here I am again. 

I want to finish this, if it kills me.  Which it might. 
As might the special project I gave myself at work, but that doesn’t matter. 

“Accountability and Support”

I know that my family and my coworkers are always there to support me.  Hands down, no matter what.  Even when I make silly decisions.  Hey mom and dad I just graduated from college and I’m moving to Maryland with my boyfriend who I’ve barely been dating a year and have only physically seen him a handful of times.  Makes sense. 

I keep track of my workouts.  I plan them in advance, and write them down.  I put my workout clothes in my workout bag the night before.  I bring them with me when I know I might get side tracked from going.  I bring my breakfast and my lunch to work every single day.  And snacks.  I try my best not to buy junk, because I’ll eat it.  Not because I really want it, but because it is there. 

These people constantly check in with me.  All those close to me, outside my family, also do the same for me.  They care for me and want me to get what I want.  I want to be a teacher, and they ask me how I plan on it doing it and where I am in that goal.  And even though it can sometimes frustrate me, I need that accountability and support.  And I appreciate it to no end. 

In other news I saw this on my phone today:

photo (2)

Extreme excitement.  Let’s hope it stays like that through my birthday.  Two more of these posts and then I’ll try to be a regular blogger, try.  Emphasis on try. 

Weekend Update

It’s That Time Again


I really had a low key weekend.  It went something like this:


Gym followed by hanging with the bf, watching Dexter as always.  If you want to see me in my yoga pants covered in dog hair while I’m hanging out there, give me a holler and I’ll take a photo.


Gym followed by errand after errand.  Confusion over my bridesmaid dress, hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow.  Running all over SD to find shoes for me and another bridesmaid (I did find and get both our sizes).


Icing and elevating my bum knee with lots of foam rolling.  I ate cereal for dinner, don’t tell my mom she doesn’t think that makes for an appropriate dinner.  Except, when my parents were here when I moved I believe that we lived off crackers and chips & salsa.  Thanks mom.


More errands.  Church.  I watched Magic Mike while doing my laundry and resting up my bum knee, as well as some foam rolling.

Beginning to read these because the wait at the library is finally not a million people long:

photo (1)

Then it was time to cook, and let me tell you, this fly by the seat of my pants meatloaf muffins I made were amazing.  Awesome might just begin to cover it.

Image (1)

Recipe and Directions for Lindsay’s Heavenly Meatballs:

You need:

1 lb. lean ground sirloin (that’s my preference any ground meat would work)
1 small – medium green bell pepper
2 stalks celery
5 baby carrots sliced up using a peeler
2/3 c. oats
1 egg
Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute
Ketchup to taste

What to do:

Preheat oven to 450
Chop up bell pepper and celery as small as you can/whatever size you prefer
Add sliced up pieces of carrots (I used a peeler)
Add oats
In a separate bowl place meat and douse profusely (or as little as you want) with seasoning
Add veggie/oat mix
Add egg
Mix it up, until it is as combined as possible
Place in a muffin tin that is coated with cooking spray
Bake for 20 – 25 mins, adding a small dollop of ketchup (or as little or none as you want) for the last 5 minutes


I’m not cook but these were amazing.  The seasoning really makes it, I think, so pile it on.  They’re somewhat dry so you could add ketchup or a liquid seasoning into the mix, but other than the time spent chopping, it is rather simple and I love them.  They were perfect for dinner.

Seven for Sunday

My titles are really lame, I strongly apologize for that.  Moving on to day 7 of Jamie Galloway’s “Jump Start Your January.”  I’m really not feeling this series I created for myself anymore, but I want to finish it, so we will continue. 

“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”

I think we all know how true this is.  If you don’t bring your umbrella with you, keep it your car, have a spare you might end up getting caught in a downpour.  If you don’t bring your two snacks to work you might eat anything anyone will give you (3 cupcakes?  a bag of popcorn?  35 Swedish fish?). 

I completely abide by this mantra, as you might call it.  I’m a planner.  I’m a little bit OCD (sometimes, other times I don’t care, but the OCD part makes me eventually care at the end) and I like to plan.  Do I always follow my plan, no, definitely not.  The planning stage though definitely calms and relaxes me a bit.  It really helps me feel better and that I might just get what I want accomplished.  I make lists that I rarely follow and forget lots of things on them, that’s just me.  But when I don’t make the list, I get a little bit stressed and wish I had. 

However, I wouldn’t say you’re always going to fail if you don’t plan.  You might be more inclined to fail if you’re not planning, but, that doesn’t mean the change of what would happen won’t turn out well.  I mean, what if I only planned to go to one grocery store each week (I go to at least 2-3) and missed out on a completely new find because I didn’t deviate from my plan?  Bad example?  Okay, what about the chance that you go to the play/movie/restaurant/concert/book store by yourself and meet your new significant other or best friend?  You didn’t plan that but it might be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

I think planning is so important, and can help ease some of the stressors in our lives, but at the end of the day, the lack of a plan won’t make your world come crashing down around you. 

My plan for this year:

1.  Live every single day as if it is my last and to the fullest.
B.  Be happy, smile more, hug more, laugh more. 
III.  Spend time making new friends and building relationships. 
d.  Get to know me again and who I am.  What makes me “me” and understand and accept myself completely. 
5.  Go to an amazing concert because I haven’t been to one in a long time and really want to see someone perform. 

I hope you have a great plan for your 2013, but remember, it is okay to deviate from it.