Keeping Up With the Joneses

Or in this case, other bloggers.  I’ve posted 4 in a row now, I’m pretty impressed by that.

Weekend Update Time (and my continuation of Jamie Galloway’s “Get a Jump on January.”


 Before I get to the fourth installment of Jamie Galloway’s “Get a Jump on January: 10 Steps to Your Best Year Yet,” let me tell you about my big let down.  I injured my knee.  As a runner that is maybe the most horrendous thing.  I’m super bummed because I did it while running around this:


I’m just going to let it rest, throw in some cross training when it feels better (elliptical and bike) and continue with my weight training, my arms ain’t broke so let’s keep them up.

Here’s to Mr. Galloway’s list:

“This Time Next Year”

This time next year I hope to:

1.  Have a new job (a promotion, something I like better/enjoy more, possibly more pay – I have a college degree after all).
2.  Make sure that all my positive personal relationships and connections grow and flourish, and that any negative relationships are moved past.
3.  Have a better grasp on when and where potentially buying my own home might be.
4.  Crossed a few more things off my golden birthday bucket list (which I will update soon).
5. Maintaining the weight loss that I’ve worked so hard to get off and keep off.
6.  Be happy with what I have and not jealous or envious of what I don’t have.

I don’t know what else I’d like to have accomplished by this time next year.  My life isn’t really in transition any more, but it isn’t to the point where I can say, be married, have kids, find a house, etc.  So, I’m just wanting to be happy.

Here’s a quick view of my weekend:


(Aurora, she might be the cutest dog ever, thankfully she sat still long enough for me to get a cute photo)


(Chinese tea, from China, obviously.  It starts as a ball and as it brews it opens up and a flower comes out of the center, I’m not sure if you can see that.  It tastes good too).

Also, my bridesmaids dress for my sister’s wedding came in today (to the store near my parents’) so they just need to ship it on to me, I can’t wait to try it on and see it in person.

I also had brunch with my coworkers, which was fun, and I’m always down for Mexican food.  Hope you’ve had a great weekend!


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