Well, four days in a row is a plus for me.  I like to blog but sometimes there are priorities:
1.  Making dinner for my boyfriend (Monday night/Tuesday morning post)
2.  My boyfriend making dinner for me (Tuesday night/Wednesday morning post)
3.  Wallowing in my own self-pity over an interview that I’m not sure I did well on AND my knee injury/pain/life ruining disaster. 

Now, moving on, I’ll continue with my 5th post of the 10 resolutions I’ve been mentioning, for a refresher, they can be found here:

“Get Motivated”

I’m motivated this year to do quite a few things, some will ultimately have to be re-evaluated (beginning potential training for a half marathon – good thing I didn’t pick one and begin or I’d be rather irritated). 

Cleaning up my eating so I can get some ripped abs.  This injury has allowed me to do some more core work so when the time comes I will have ripped abs. 

Finding a new job, something that makes me less bored and less crazy, and a pay increase wouldn’t be too shabby.

Part of me kind of wants to maybe be a Personal Trainer, even on the side, but that’s kind of far fetched and as much as I think I would enjoy it, I can’t handle the hodge podge hours and the idea of having to force myself to find clients in order to make an income.  But who knows what I’ll decide to do? 

I’m motivated to make my home just for me, to make it completely comfortable and showcase all the things I love in life. 

Finally, this is rather small, but I’m motivated to start and finish the huge gallery wall I intend on creating in my bedroom.  I’m slowly collecting things for it, but I can’t wait to really start working on it. 

I don’t find that I lack the motivation to push towards something, it is my lack of patience and excitement in most things where I don’t follow through.  If I could go back to the beginning of last year I can for sure tell you that I would have never thought I’d be where I am in my life and my weight.  I am here, and somehow managed to harness that motivation.  I’d like to take that motivation and put it toward other things in my life. 

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!


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