Six on a Saturday

I need to keep on keepin’ on (the song I’m listening to on Pandora also just said Keep on Keepin’ on, weird) in this 10 post blog series that I started at random.  Here is day number six (VI in roman numerals if you’re feeling that):

“Put It Out There”

Wow, there are so many different ways I can take that suggestion for 2013.  His explanations are great, as can be found here, but this is about me.

I’d like to be more open with my feelings.  You could say that I have the best poker face in the game.  I am clearly always able to hide my feelings and emotions, until they explode in my face, or the unlucky person who is joining me.  Generally people find me very hard to read, they don’t know how I’m feeling on any particular day or subject, or it comes off as I generally don’t care.  I do, trust me.  More than I probably should.  I want to make my emotions known.  I want them out there.  If I like you, or that thing, or I don’t want to do it, I want to express it and let it be known.  No matter the circumstance.

I also want to run a half-marathon.  I’m scared, but I’ve put it out there.  I want to do it, and hopefully I will.  Once this knee/ITband/leg pain issue heals itself, then training will begin.

I’d like a new job, that seems to be a theme fore 2013, I don’t see myself in this position for the rest of my life.  Economically it would not work out for me.  However, I am so grateful that I have this job.  I just want something that challenges me more.  I want something that I enjoy and don’t loathe.  I would definitely say that is not asking too much.

Finally, I’m always afraid that all the hard work I’ve put in to losing weight will be for nothing.  That something will cause me to completely slip up and I won’t stay with it.  That when I’m finally married and having children I won’t care.  That this injury will prevent me from ever running again.  All of this is extreme, but it is the fear that I need out there to not only hold myself accountable, but to also make it seem less scary.

I hope you’ve had a great Saturday.  Mine has been rather low key and apparently since I don’t have cable or an antenna I’m really missing out on some great playoff football?  Oops.


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