I’m really not meaning to take a hiatus, and I was dong so well.  I’ve just been sucked into these books:

photo (1)

 I am more than halfway through “Catching Fire” and I can’t wait to see where it goes.   I have been falling asleep reading, clearly blogging is taking a back burner.  But here I am again. 

I want to finish this, if it kills me.  Which it might. 
As might the special project I gave myself at work, but that doesn’t matter. 

“Accountability and Support”

I know that my family and my coworkers are always there to support me.  Hands down, no matter what.  Even when I make silly decisions.  Hey mom and dad I just graduated from college and I’m moving to Maryland with my boyfriend who I’ve barely been dating a year and have only physically seen him a handful of times.  Makes sense. 

I keep track of my workouts.  I plan them in advance, and write them down.  I put my workout clothes in my workout bag the night before.  I bring them with me when I know I might get side tracked from going.  I bring my breakfast and my lunch to work every single day.  And snacks.  I try my best not to buy junk, because I’ll eat it.  Not because I really want it, but because it is there. 

These people constantly check in with me.  All those close to me, outside my family, also do the same for me.  They care for me and want me to get what I want.  I want to be a teacher, and they ask me how I plan on it doing it and where I am in that goal.  And even though it can sometimes frustrate me, I need that accountability and support.  And I appreciate it to no end. 

In other news I saw this on my phone today:

photo (2)

Extreme excitement.  Let’s hope it stays like that through my birthday.  Two more of these posts and then I’ll try to be a regular blogger, try.  Emphasis on try. 


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