Linking up for some facts about me.


(That’s me as a baby)

1.  I am the least excitable and emotion expressing person on the planet.  Sure, I smile and I do like things, but those emotions don’t come across my face very well.  You could buy me the best thing in the world and my face will appear as if I do not like it.  It really does nothing for most of my relationships.  In fact, most people have no idea if I’m being serious or sarcastic; if I like them or hate them; or how I’m feeling in any situation.  I am who I am.

2.  In relation to #1, I am also, the least affectionate person you will ever meet.  No joke, I don’t hug, (although I’m really trying to work on that).  I don’t really like to cuddle, I have to be in the mood for it.  Although, I have found that when it comes out of nowhere, I do kind of like it.  I probably won’t pat you on the back, or give you a high five.


3.  I’ve become a closet neat freak, and can’t leave the house with my bed unmade.  It really weird me out.  I like to come home to a made bed.

4.   I haven’t seen approximately 90% of the movies that people deem “classic” or “must see”.  Apparently I didn’t have time for any of it?

5.  I also, no matter how interesting or excited to see the movie I am, tend to fall asleep watching them unless I’m doing something else.  I’ve fallen asleep in movie theaters.  That’s why I kind of need to eat popcorn, because multi-tasking is what I do.


6.  I used to have a million spare toothbrushes (I haven’t stocked up in awhile) and keep one in my desk at work.  But since I got a Sonicare for Christmas,  these spares will probably never get used.

7.  I don’t get tipsy, I go from sober to drunk in a snap.  There is no in-between.  One moment I feel fine and like I could drink all night.  And 5 minutes later I’m contemplating on which unfortunate fool is going to have to carry me home.  I also tend to have trouble tasting some alcohol (namely vodka), so it goes down like water.

8.  I am addicted to Red Vines and dark chocolate covered raisins.  I do enjoy other candy, who doesn’t?  But these are really the only things necessary.

9.  I am a running addict.  I love to run.  Outside has become my new favorite, and 5 miles is my distance of choice, but I injured my leg/knee and I haven’t ran in 2.5 weeks and it is killing me.


10.  Some might say I cry a lot.  I cry when I’m mad, sad, or frustrated.  It really is the one way that I release all my tensions and built up stress.  Sometimes it is only for a few seconds, and others it is a good, deep sob that if my neighbors heard they’d probably assume something or someone died.

11.  I have music ADD.  I struggle to find the song that I want to hear at that moment and switch the radio or my iPod all the time.  I’m sorry if we are ever on a road trip together, it might not be fun.


12.  Coffee addict.  Strong.  Half & Half.  Stevia.  Heaven.  Hot or cold.  Preferably not from Starbucks.  Don’t hate.  It tastes like mud.

13.  I like to be a girl and feel pretty, but I pretty much only spend 15 minutes on my appearance most days.  That includes fixing the rat’s nest aka my tangled hair; applying makeup; and picking out my clothes/jewelry.  Luckily I feel pretty this way, otherwise we’d have some issues.

14.  I drink massive amount of water.  I don’t like to not have it nearby.


15.  I live for country music and wish that I lived in Tennessee.  I also wish I had cowboy boots to wear, because that would make everything perfect.

16.  I think life would be simpler if I lived close enough to work so that I didn’t have to be up until 7.  I’m kind of a morning person, but it seems that if I get 5 hours or 8 hours of sleep if my rise and shine time is 7 I am 100% happier throughout my day.

17.  Speaking of sleep, I don’t sleep well most of the time.  Maybe it is all in my head, or maybe it isn’t.  All I know is that I don’t feel like I get a deep night’s sleep most nights of the week.  There are some exceptions.

18.  I’m a work-out-aholic.  I’m obsessed.  I can’t life enough heavy weights at the gym.  The more, the better.  The heavier, the better.  I’m pretty buff and with the running injury I’m going to turn into the hulk.  It should be pretty awesome.  Hope my boyfriend doesn’t mind when I turn green.

19. I like to read, a lot.  I read really fast as well.  Reading might be my favorite pastime.

20.  I want to be into drinking wine, I don’t oppose it, but I’m cheap and really I’d rather waste the calories on ice cream.


21.  My hair is natural.  I don’t do anything to it but wash, condition, and maybe put some detangler in it.  I don’t dye, and never have.  I don’t intend to until I start going grey, and hopefully that isn’t any time soon.  I’m almost 26 though so I better watch out.

22.  I love pajamas. I like cute matching ones.  They are my favorite.  They don’t help me sleep, but I love putting them on.  I’m on the hunt for some spring/summer ones since my super warm ones will only be usable for a month or two longer here.

23.  I love pizza, French toast, and Mexican food. If you’re taking me out to eat, there is a 95% chance that it will be a restaurant that serves one of these.

24.  I’m kind of full of myself (hence having a blog about me and posting photos of myself) and am always looking at myself in the mirror.  Not in a cocky sort of way, but in a, “man I look awesome today with very little effort,” kind of way.  Which I now realize, is kind of cocky.


25.  I’m a terrible dancer, mostly because I’m kind of shy and awkward, but also because I have no rhythm.  Yes, the unfortunate side effect of being “white bread and mayonnaise.”

26.  I hate the cold.  I lived where it snowed and almost died.  That’s why I live in San Diego.  It is rarely cold.  I wear tights and leggings under my jeans when it dips below 60, because clearly that might mean hypothermia.

I did 26, because I’m turning 26 in a week and it seemed fitting.  Go link up.  This was fun, almost as fun as going to the dentist.  I kid! : )



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