Damn, it feels good…


to be a gangsta. 

Okay, so I’m really not one but I’m really trying to work on this blog and make it worthwhile.  I want it to be inspiring, I want people enjoy reading it, and most of all, I want to get more out of it.  Realistically, if I’m not finding it worthwhile, then who else will? 

I’m trying to work it out in my head on what I want it to be. 

1. A Fitness Blog:


Basically if I’m not at my home or my bf’s home I can be found at the gym.  I’m getting better at taking awkward photos of myself there.  I am also rather obsessed with working out, learning new moves, and implementing and upgrading my workout. 

2.  A Food Blog:

photo (21)
(oatmeal and berries – no PB I forgot it!)

photo (20)
(Clearance Target find – Delicious)

Honestly, my eating isn’t that exciting.  I could break it down for you real simple:

6:30 AM – coffee and a protein bar
9:30 AM – oatmeal with berries and PB
12:30 PM – sandwich or salad or leftovers (aka lunch) w/ a side of carrots, celery, and/or cucumber, apple
3:30 PM – Greek yogurt
8:00 PM – Dinner

I’m willing to bet that this is NOT MY STYLE of blog. 

3.  Fashion Blog:


My camera is not made for fashion photography, ha and that outfit might be as exciting as it gets.  After losing weight I am completely limited to the clothes that I have and it is quite the struggle to find stuff to wear that’s cute, comfortable, and appropriate. 

4.  Lifestyle Blog (aka what I kind of think it is now but really sucks at):

photo (22)

The ups and downs of life, my  dying birthday gift. 

I’ve taken many blog hiatuses (mostly because sometimes it is a struggle to find time) and this time while I’m working it all out I am going to find a way to incorporate all of these things into one awesome blog. 

Please be patient with me while I figure this all out and really get it to where I want it to be. 

Happy Friday!


I am so excited to post this photo…

photo (17)

I ran 1 mile pain free.  I was so excited I sent a group message out, posted the heck out of it (instagram and facebook), and couldn’t contain my joy.  Let me tell you, these last 6 weeks without running have been TORTURE.  I like to run, I don’t know what I get out of it exactly, I just know that I love it.  I can’t wait to get my mileage back up (safely and slowly) and my speed back to where it was.  I will be one happy lady when I do. 

Today was a typical Monday, so I chugged right along and had a rather uneventful day.  I got plenty of sleep last night, leisurely got ready, and almost could say I had an enjoyable day at work. 

I’m in planning mode for Dani’s wedding and need some Bachelorette Party ideas, any suggestions? 

Hope your Monday was sensational and enjoy “Fat Tuesday.” 

Weekend Update


I’ve really been trying to instagram more (follow me: @lindzabellie).  I just don’t always find the most exciting things to take photos of.  But that’s the joy of it, I can photo whatever I want.  Here’s my weekend:

Well, it started with me having the craziest week, for example, Thursday was probably the day from hell.  It ended with me calling the boy telling him I wouldn’t be coming over because I spilled cereal all over me in the car.  It was so pitiful, I was clearly a hot mess that day.  Which meant come Friday (full of knee pain) I went to bed super early.

Saturday, I woke up really early and started my day like I normally do:

photo (15)

Coffee and country music.  No better way to start the day.

Since I was up early I was able to run all my errands and get this baby going:

photo (14)

Chicken soup.  I swear there’s more than celery and one carrot slice in there.  It included chicken broth, rosemary/garlic/sea salt seasoning, celery, peas, and carrots.  I let it sweat it out for quite awhile.

And then I killed it at the gym for leg day:

photo (13)

Hoping for buns of steel, someday.  They are super sore today.

Sunday started with coffee just like any old day (see above photo but with a blue cup, not green).

Then I painted my claws for V-Day.

photo (11)

Of course I went to the gym, 80’s style:

photo (10)

I’m pretty impressed with myself because I killed it again for shoulders and chest, upping my weight for most of my chest exercises, I should be sore tomorrow.

And I’ve been trying to do a plank a day (in addition to some other core work) this is my longest hold ever:

photo (16)

Anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome week.  I hope you get to spend Valentine’s Day with someone special.

I Thought That…


I took more photos this weekend for my update.  Apparently I either deleted them or I didn’t take all the ones I planned.

photo (6)

I was up early running all my crazy errands on Saturday and this song came on.  It reminded me of riding to school in my dad’s little red truck and getting sugar  coated donuts for breakfast.

I did the gym thing and did what I do best, went shopping.  My sister thinks I’m a freak because I buy stuff and return it.  I will definitely be returning the two skirts I bought because I don’t know if I’d wear them.  The two shirts, one I’ll keep – because I wore it, the other, I’ll probably keep.

photo (8)

The bf and I were matching on Saturday night, in our green shirts and funny faces, preparing for St. Patty’s Day early apparently.  He’d probably kill me that I instagrammed and blogged that photo.  Girlfriend of the Year award goes to me.

He watches old Dexter episodes with me and makes me laugh, I suppose he can have an award too.

photo (7)

Sunday after church this fella tried to join me in my apartment.  He must have heard there was a Super Bowl party, except there wasn’t and he didn’t make it inside.

I made really delicious tacos (shredded chicken with my own homemade seasoning) and Wholly Guacamole’s “Spicy Guacamole” 100 calorie pack.  It was delicious.  And I finally finished the final piece of birthday cake and red vines – no more junk, I need a detox.

My posts tend to post at random times so although I am writing this and posting it on Sunday night, it will appear as if it posted on Monday morning.  Since that’s the case you can assume I’m sitting in the courthouse respecting my civic duty of potentially being on a jury.  I’ve been on one once before, so we will see how it goes tomorrow.

Have a great start to your week!