I Thought That…


I took more photos this weekend for my update.  Apparently I either deleted them or I didn’t take all the ones I planned.

photo (6)

I was up early running all my crazy errands on Saturday and this song came on.  It reminded me of riding to school in my dad’s little red truck and getting sugar  coated donuts for breakfast.

I did the gym thing and did what I do best, went shopping.  My sister thinks I’m a freak because I buy stuff and return it.  I will definitely be returning the two skirts I bought because I don’t know if I’d wear them.  The two shirts, one I’ll keep – because I wore it, the other, I’ll probably keep.

photo (8)

The bf and I were matching on Saturday night, in our green shirts and funny faces, preparing for St. Patty’s Day early apparently.  He’d probably kill me that I instagrammed and blogged that photo.  Girlfriend of the Year award goes to me.

He watches old Dexter episodes with me and makes me laugh, I suppose he can have an award too.

photo (7)

Sunday after church this fella tried to join me in my apartment.  He must have heard there was a Super Bowl party, except there wasn’t and he didn’t make it inside.

I made really delicious tacos (shredded chicken with my own homemade seasoning) and Wholly Guacamole’s “Spicy Guacamole” 100 calorie pack.  It was delicious.  And I finally finished the final piece of birthday cake and red vines – no more junk, I need a detox.

My posts tend to post at random times so although I am writing this and posting it on Sunday night, it will appear as if it posted on Monday morning.  Since that’s the case you can assume I’m sitting in the courthouse respecting my civic duty of potentially being on a jury.  I’ve been on one once before, so we will see how it goes tomorrow.

Have a great start to your week!


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