Weekend Update


I’ve really been trying to instagram more (follow me: @lindzabellie).  I just don’t always find the most exciting things to take photos of.  But that’s the joy of it, I can photo whatever I want.  Here’s my weekend:

Well, it started with me having the craziest week, for example, Thursday was probably the day from hell.  It ended with me calling the boy telling him I wouldn’t be coming over because I spilled cereal all over me in the car.  It was so pitiful, I was clearly a hot mess that day.  Which meant come Friday (full of knee pain) I went to bed super early.

Saturday, I woke up really early and started my day like I normally do:

photo (15)

Coffee and country music.  No better way to start the day.

Since I was up early I was able to run all my errands and get this baby going:

photo (14)

Chicken soup.  I swear there’s more than celery and one carrot slice in there.  It included chicken broth, rosemary/garlic/sea salt seasoning, celery, peas, and carrots.  I let it sweat it out for quite awhile.

And then I killed it at the gym for leg day:

photo (13)

Hoping for buns of steel, someday.  They are super sore today.

Sunday started with coffee just like any old day (see above photo but with a blue cup, not green).

Then I painted my claws for V-Day.

photo (11)

Of course I went to the gym, 80’s style:

photo (10)

I’m pretty impressed with myself because I killed it again for shoulders and chest, upping my weight for most of my chest exercises, I should be sore tomorrow.

And I’ve been trying to do a plank a day (in addition to some other core work) this is my longest hold ever:

photo (16)

Anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome week.  I hope you get to spend Valentine’s Day with someone special.


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