Weekend Getaway

Weekend Blog Hop Time


Since the bf rarely gets a whole weekend off, we decided to go up to LA for the weekend and actually do something for a change.

We went to the LA Museum of the Holocaust (so awesome, wish we would have gotten there earlier, it’s free! – no photos).

Relaxed and headed to where any person would go when they are hungry:

photo (25)


$36 = two president margaritas, onion string and jalapeno stack, mango chicken and sirloin steak, and the most ginormously delicious dessert.  Mmmm…

Then we relaxed in the hotel, because what’s the point of a nice comfy hotel bed if you ain’t gonna use it, am I right?

We woke up bright and early to go to Hollywood and do some hiking.

(For some reason my photos won’t stay in order, my apologies, the first two are hiking, the next are Hollywood, and the back to hiking).

photo (27)photo (28)



Runyon Canyon:




I really enjoy hiking, and hope to go back here and do more of it because it was really awesome.  It was a pretty great day for it and surprisingly it didn’t look like there was too much smog.  Win!

I hope you all had a super awesome weekend!


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