Things I Need to Get Better At

Eating fish.  I forced myself to buy Tilapia at the grocery store.  I don’t know why I say forced, I do actually like it.  It is one of the only fish that I like.  And with my mom’s magic seasoning, it is amazing.  Like mouthwatering I want to eat it right now for breakfast good. 

Drinking my coffee black.  I used to drink my coffee with only stevia, and found that it wasn’t so bad.  Now I can’t get away from any kind of coffee creamer.  I am slightly lactose intolerant and have been limiting my dairy intake to the bare minimum.  However, I’m struggling to give it up in my coffee again.  Back at it like nobody’s business after my sister’s wedding that’s for sure.

Going to bed at a decent hour.  I think that I might have insomnia.  I don’t always sleep well, and it is never when I’m in my own bed.  No, I’m not out bed hopping for a good night’s sleep, but I tend to sleep better in other beds.  I also don’t sleep well when I have to get up to go to work. 

Not buying red vines and proceeding to shove them all in my mouth and get a massive sugar stomachache. 

Blogging.  Seriously, I need to come up with some better stuff quick if I ever want this blog to be more than what it is.  I give credit to the moms, wives, full time workers, who still manage to work out and put food on the table while maintaining a blog with a large following.  You guys are amazing, because I have no kids and am not married, only cook for me and maybe the bf and still can’t get a blog post out. 

I don’t want this post to be negative, these are just some random things that I think I could improve that would make my life, and those around me’s lives better. 

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