This Might Sound Crazy….

So, I’m kind of in between a rock and a hard place. 

I know how to work out and I work out hard.  I’ve been maintaining my weight and achieving some strength gains.  I don’t want to become a fitness model or a body builder.  I just want to wear a bathing suit and rock it.  I mean, most women want that, and I get it.  I have a lot of loose skin in my midsection from fluctuating weight issues.  However, comparing how I look now to how I once looked, I’m feeling a bit better about myself. 

I currently look like this in a bathing suit (my sister gets mad when I suck in my stomach because it makes my ribs stick out):

photo (30)

With that being said, I’m gonna try and cut out sugar.  I am addicted to candy and sure, it is ok once in awhile but I pretty much eat it everyday because I feel like I can, and realistically, I shouldn’t.  I know that abs are made in the kitchen and while I do eat relatively healthfully, I want it to be better.  I’ve been feeling run down and in a funk and part of it is probably because of my poor eating habits. 

I know it will take some hard work.  The only sugar that I really want in my diet is that from real food (2 servings max of fruit, that’s my current norm anyway) and maybe a bit here or there, but not candy all day, everyday. 

Here’s to trying my best to eat clean for the whole month of May and cut out lots of sugar! 


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