May Day Parade

I think today is considered “May Day” since it is May 1st.  If I’m wrong, well I’m never wrong, so, don’t look it up. 

I’m joining Jenni in this:  BlogEveryDayinMay because I want to get better a blogging and it will force/strongly assist me in growing my blog and building relationships and friendships through it. 

The Story of My Life

(me at about 3)


I am a born and raised California girl, but I did not grow up with palm trees in my front and backyard (I did have a pool and spent lots of time in the sun) and I came from a regular old family, mom, dad, and two daughters, dogs, and a cat.  Pretty normal if you ask me.  I went to a private school until I was in high school and I will forever be on the fence and torn on whether that was a really great thing, or a combination of positive and negative.  I also have always struggled with my weight, at least as long as I can remember.  I’ve finally gained control of it at 25 (now 26) and am hoping for it to stay that way.  At 20 I moved out of my parents’ home and have lived on my own ever since (500 miles away except for the year I lived in Maryland, that was an adventure).  I’ve faced hardships, some I won’t share here and others I might.  I spent summers camping, hanging out outside by the pool, spending time with my whole family, and going to camp.  I was smart, and mostly athletic because I’ve been 5’6’” since I was 12.  My life, just like yours, is a combination of nature and nurture, as I am learning more and more each day, and with each person that I meet.  So far the nature and the nurture have served me well. 

(Me at 26)


Unrelated to the above topic:  I’m going to try and eat clean for the WHOLE month of May.  Wish me luck. 

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