I’m Kind of an Expert

Something that I know a lot about is a much harder topic than I ever imagined it would be. I know lots of random, useless bits of information about all kinds of things, because I like to read, and read a lot. However, that does not help anyone because telling you that the tongue is the strongest muscle in your body doesn’t help anyone.
So, I sought out the assistance from the person who knows me best, next to myself: my younger sister, Dani.
She told me, well you know a lot about history and running. That, my friends, is some fascinating stuff. So, I thought to myself, what would people rather know about, or what would be more unique? Well, there are tons of fitness blogs out there. And, I could tell you about running. But, what would be more unique and somewhat interesting? If I told you something about history. Because, clearly, I am an expert in that (I was a history major after all and my current dream vacation is Poland to check out the concentration camps). Now, I was going to talk about Holocaust history, because that and Ancient Greco-Roman women are my particular favorites, and specialties. Which got me thinking; we all studied the Holocaust at one point, so although I could go way more in depth for you than you would probably EVER want to go (or maybe you do, if so hit me up and we can go to Poland together) I’m moving onto ancient stuff. So, then I considered what I could tell you about ancient women in Rome and Greece, but I don’t want to skew or change your opinions of the Disney movie Hercules, or make you look at boring epitaphs and my own personal assumptions and assertions from looking at them. So, I bring you to this subject, one that you probably know nothing about and I know A LOT about: Theosophy and Lomaland.

Yes, it is an odd topic. As a history major I’ve written lots of boring papers, and lots of exciting ones (exciting: Beach Boys and California; Alexander the Great; boring: Filipina nurses, and whatever I wrote in my Asian-American history class). Theosophy was really interesting to me. It was started by Katherine Tingley, out in Point Loma (which is in San Diego), where she established a Raja Yoga school. There eventually became a university, and the school was a boarding school for children. When I wrote my HUGE (30 plus page paper) on it, I scoured my school’s library for pamphlets and newspaper articles about it. In my honest opinion, it seemed like more of a cult, than a school or a religious union. Many of the pamphlets reminded me of extremist modern day religions. I do think that it clearly had its positive aspects, those who lived there were completely self-sufficient on what the grounds produced, and as a person living in San Diego, it clearly is a beautiful place to live and grow. If you’re really interested and want me to find my paper, I’ll mail it to you. (I’m trying to find it so I can read all the hard work and effort that I put into it). I remember pouring blood, sweat, and tears into it. It was much more difficult simply because I wrote the paper in pieces and then had to put it together. However, you’re not here to read about how and why I wrote the paper. You’re just here for something I know a lot about. History in general, specifically, the Holocaust, ancient Greco-Roman (women specifically), and Theosophy and Lomaland. So, if you’re interested in any of these subjects and want some of my vast knowledge and opinions, I am your girl.

Sorry this post sucks, I did it from my phone because I wanted it to be on the page on the right day.


2 thoughts on “I’m Kind of an Expert

  1. There were a lot of historical references in there that I don’t think I’ve even heard of. So rock on history rock star!!! (Not that I’m actually any kind of competition in the least. It’s just always impressive to see people who are great at and enjoy it!)

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