I don’t really get that embarrassed too easily, or I never do things to embarrass myself. 

Yes, I’m super awkward, and weird, but embarrassing things never seem to cross my path.  I sought out my sister for advice, and this is all she could come up with for me.

I was at a bar watching a football game, if you drank any Bud Light you would get a raffle ticket.  The winner to the raffle would get seats to a football game.  At the time I was a Bud Light drinker, as was my then boyfriend.  Between the two of us we probably had 15-20 raffle tickets.  Needless to say, I was hammered.  I know that I wandered around outside for quite awhile, hoping to walk it off.  Clearly that wasn’t going to happen.  I believe I heaved in the bathroom, but didn’t actually throw up.  Then, I was sitting in my barstool and managed to vomit all over my boyfriend’s pants (AT THE BAR!) and then proceeded to fall backwards in the barstool.  Yes, I was kicked out where I threw up in the street, again, in front of a bunch of people.  I was embarrassed and didn’t go back to the bar for over a year; making sure new bartenders and bouncers worked there. 


I have no idea if this photo is from that day or not, but I know I was wearing that jersey, and for some reason when I wear my football jersey I also wore my ghetto hoop earrings.  Classiness at its finest. 

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