My Lot in Life

This is difficult, because I’m not really quite sure what to share.  I’ve had my fair share of hardships, but I would say most people do.  It would be very fortunate to not have any.  However, I think that my biggest hardship that I have to overcome and still do, is my extremely shy nature and tendencies.  I am beyond shy and timid.  I would say painfully shy.  I generally take quite a while to warm up to people.  I tend to not come off well because of that.  I’m definitely the type that wants you to come to me and get me to talk, and not the other way around.  It creates quite a struggle for me, because I want to be friendly, but I really don’t come off that way.  I have trouble making good friendships because of it.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being shy, but it has created a problem for me in my life.  People who aren’t shy, don’t quite understand how you can be so shy.  They want you to come out of your shell.  It just isn’t in my nature.

I’m trying to overcome this by actively saying hi to people and looking them in the eye when we are walking towards each other.  These are huge, monumental strides that I am making, or that I think I’m making.  I’m trying to respond in a generally friendly manner to people.  To have enthusiasm in my voice when responding to them (I also tend to lack emotion in my facial expressions and my voice which doesn’t help).

I know to some this would not come off as very difficult, but for those of us who are incredibly shy, it really, really is.  I may never really overcome it, as it is part of my personality.  However, if I can make any kind of gains in regards to it then I’ll be happy with that.

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