Top Three Worst Traits

1.  I’m super shy and awkward.  I guess that could technically be two, but I’m going to lump them together.  I’m definitely shy, but I think the awkward part is something I do to myself.  Maybe from the shyness?  I might be the most shy person you’ve ever met.  Since I’m like this I appear rude and stuck up. I’m not! 

2.  I don’t speak my mind enough.  I keep things to myself.  I overthink and overanalyze everything.  Sometimes it would probably just be easier if I would just suck it up.  Tell people what I’m thinking, within reason, and move on. 

3.  I’m terrible at making decisions.  I’d rather someone else decide for me.  This relates to #2, but I can’t tell you even how complicated it is for me to decide if I should wash my hair today or not. 

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Hope you all enjoy your 3 day holiday weekend, if you get one! 


One thought on “Top Three Worst Traits

  1. Just wanted to reply a bit to you… your blog…love reading about you and how you’re doing. As always, proud, happy and envious of you. So wise for being so young! I had to tell you a couple of similarities in our “genes”. You mentioned on one of your blogs how you desired a “southern” drawl. When I got my first apartment, it was a little studio near the hospital where I was training. I was living on a stipend and student loan. Living at home was too far away…and gas was too expensive for my Opel Kadette. We were living in El Dorado Hills at the time. So…I found this little place practically in the hospital parking lot for $53 per month. The entire time I made the arrangements for this apartment…I had developed a “southern drawl”. Don’t know why…it just happened. We chatted away about many things…and the drawl just became me…with the landlord. No one else. Each month when he got the rent…I brought back the drawl. Crazy…huh? I guess being dramatic was part of my then persona. As to Clair de Lune. That was the first complete classical piece I learned. I first performed it when I was about 12. Played it many times early…with Dad and Mom my only real “fans”. Dad was the most vocal and always wanted me to play it if a piano was near. I was able to play it in its entirety until I was in my 40’s …then getting through it become more difficult. I wish I could recall the last time I played it for them…but cannot. He always told me he wanted me to play it at his funeral…but it is a regret I will carry. I just couldn’t. Playing for mom’s was difficult too…but I muddled through. I just wanted to share these thoughts. I’m so glad to read your musings…and wish to reiterate what a beautiful woman you have become. Don’t fret about being “shy” you’ll come around. Just know that we are all the same…no one is any better than anyone else..we are each unique unto ourselves with different abilities and different likes. Our perception of ourselves reflects in how we treat those around us. Be patient…listen….don’t be quick to respond…let those around you speak…then your natural response will come. I’m just a proud Auntie! By the way….the first time I was called a GRANNY was when I was buying you a teddy bear at the hospital when you were born! Hmmmph. That was worse than no longer being asked for an ID when buying a bottle of wine.

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