Something Someone Once Told Me

I’m behind, but I’m trying to catch up. 


This is maybe the only compliment that I enjoy receiving, or that I accept.  “You have beautiful eyes.”  My eyes are generally green, but if I’m happy they tend to be a little more of a blueish tone; if I’m sad or upset they turn to grey color; and sometimes they are brown/hazelish.  The inside ring is a little bit hazel, the majority of the middle is a green color, and the outside is blue.  Its fascinating to see people notice the difference.  Relating to that, someone went on a vacation once, and came back with a gift for me.  They were beautiful turquoise glass earrings.  This person proceeded to give them to me and said, “I know you like your earrings and these look like they are the color of your eyes.”  I will never forget that compliment for the rest of my life. 

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