News Flash

If you wanted proof why you should eat clean most of the time, I have 3 examples for you.

1.  I don’t sleep very well, but since I’ve gone back to eating clean 85% of the time, I’ve been sleeping like a baby.  Awesome, if you do ask me. 

2.  My moods are amazing.  I’m happy and overall excited to be alive.  It’s great.

3.  Left is on Saturday 6/22 and right is on Friday 6/28:

photo (31)

Enjoy your Saturday!


Throwback Thursday–Birthday


This should be fun.  I was going to pick a young birthday, but then I thought, why not relive my crazy and wild 21st?


Oh, wait, it wasn’t crazy or wild.  It was still pretty fun. 

I wanted to wear the tiara, I am a princess after all.  They made me wear the spinner and spin as I was drinking. 


My roommates (well at the time only one of them was my roommate but not long after this the 3 of us lived together) set me up with a pretty sweet party. 

Although, it felt as if nobody really came and we had way too much alcohol. 


My Facebook caption of the above:  “The Family”



“The children”

Carrot cake is my favorite, for future reference.  That was from my coworkers, I’m not sure what kind of cake my roommate made me.  All I know is that it had the most annoying candles in the whole wide world. 


Beer pong, of course, and lots of Cheez-It eating because that’s what we did. 


I think a grand total of 10 people, including myself attended.  Definitely not our best party.  My birthday always falls right before Super Bowl Sunday, so, if I have a party, it generally interferes with that depending on when the game is. 

It’s Been Awhile

So, that everyday in May thing seriously got me back on track, but it was a lot and I fell off the wagon.  I have been rather busy, and without a real set direction for a post, I’ve been lazy.  So, in hopes of trying to get back into it, I’m going to do another link up and maybe, just maybe, get my act together. 


Topic:  "A Few Random Facts”

1.  I can say the alphabet backwards almost as well as forward.  I’m not sure why I ever managed to teach myself that, but it is rather entertaining. 

2.  My eyes are hazel-ish on the inside, mostly green around that, and a slight blue ring around the edge.  But, if I’ve been crying they are grey.  It’s pretty awesome to have chameleon eyes. 

3.  I have an irrational fear of calling people on the telephone. I ALWAYS feel like I am bothering them.  We could be having a text conversation and my first thought will always be, “oh, I don’t want to bother them.”

4.  As a kid I wanted to be left handed so I could be different. 

5.  I could live off chips and salsa (guacamole is a nice addition, but not necessary).  There really need not be any other food groups. 

6.  I also eat WAY TOO MUCH cereal if I buy it.  I need to stop. Cereal killer over here. 

Weekend Highlights

First, I wasn’t even originally going to post this, (a weekend post) as I didn’t really do much this weekend.  Last weekend was much more exciting, and I clearly didn’t post about it.  I was going to make a summer bucket list, which I probably still will, especially because I just read this from HelloGiggles

Aquarius Let’s make a summer motto for ourselves here, Aquarians of the world. What shall it be? Shall you be hard-working, or fun-loving? Can you possibly pull off both at the same time? Oh, I know. Do you have a “bucket list” going yet? Well, why not? This month, spend your bits and pieces of free time–even those moments before bed, or with your first cup of coffee–working on things you have always wanted to do. Even the small things like “Watch Casablanca. When your list is complete, start marking stuff off. Your mantra for June, and for the whole summer is: Just Do It. (Thanks Nike!)

I normally don’t take any thing about horoscopes at face value, but I thought it was interesting that I had been thinking about this, and this is what I found. 

I’m not even going to acknowledge Friday night (oh I am, oops):  leg day, movie and Jersey Mike’s with el chico.  No photos, clearly. 

Saturday this happened:

image (1)

I only went for a run because I had only ran once for the week (I like to run 3 times a week) and I wanted to run some distance.  I was planning on just doing the lake loop (you can’t go all the way around you have to come back) which would have been under 6, but was feeling it.  I kept going.  Normally I stop around mile 4 for a breather, but I didn’t stop until after mile 7, I’m pretty happy about it.  I also ran into this, almost literally:

image (20)

I also ran this without headphones after mile 1.  They finally died.  Not sure if I’m going to make an investment or just keep with cheapies. 

Then I did two of my favorite things, sun bathing and reading: 

image (22)image (23)image (24)

I’m pretty excited about that book.  I really hope it turns out good.  I’m a crazy shy introvert, and people who aren’t just don’t understand. 

Finally, I channeled my inner white trash 16 year old while at Macy’s and got a good laugh. 

image (21)


I was done cleaning my kitchen before I even got ready for church.  It really isn’t hard to clean and the rest of the apartment was post church and workout. 

image (26)

Am I officially a real blogger because I pattern mixed and went to church with crazy, dirty, messy hair?  I hope so. 

I also at this (and 5 6 more) because I gave them up for the entire month of May.  Well, all candy.  And I survived. 

image (25)

The evening ended on a typical note:  meal prep for the week and a movie with the boy. 

Let’s get this week started off right.