It’s Been Awhile

So, that everyday in May thing seriously got me back on track, but it was a lot and I fell off the wagon.  I have been rather busy, and without a real set direction for a post, I’ve been lazy.  So, in hopes of trying to get back into it, I’m going to do another link up and maybe, just maybe, get my act together. 


Topic:  "A Few Random Facts”

1.  I can say the alphabet backwards almost as well as forward.  I’m not sure why I ever managed to teach myself that, but it is rather entertaining. 

2.  My eyes are hazel-ish on the inside, mostly green around that, and a slight blue ring around the edge.  But, if I’ve been crying they are grey.  It’s pretty awesome to have chameleon eyes. 

3.  I have an irrational fear of calling people on the telephone. I ALWAYS feel like I am bothering them.  We could be having a text conversation and my first thought will always be, “oh, I don’t want to bother them.”

4.  As a kid I wanted to be left handed so I could be different. 

5.  I could live off chips and salsa (guacamole is a nice addition, but not necessary).  There really need not be any other food groups. 

6.  I also eat WAY TOO MUCH cereal if I buy it.  I need to stop. Cereal killer over here. 


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