Throwback Thursday–Birthday


This should be fun.  I was going to pick a young birthday, but then I thought, why not relive my crazy and wild 21st?


Oh, wait, it wasn’t crazy or wild.  It was still pretty fun. 

I wanted to wear the tiara, I am a princess after all.  They made me wear the spinner and spin as I was drinking. 


My roommates (well at the time only one of them was my roommate but not long after this the 3 of us lived together) set me up with a pretty sweet party. 

Although, it felt as if nobody really came and we had way too much alcohol. 


My Facebook caption of the above:  “The Family”



“The children”

Carrot cake is my favorite, for future reference.  That was from my coworkers, I’m not sure what kind of cake my roommate made me.  All I know is that it had the most annoying candles in the whole wide world. 


Beer pong, of course, and lots of Cheez-It eating because that’s what we did. 


I think a grand total of 10 people, including myself attended.  Definitely not our best party.  My birthday always falls right before Super Bowl Sunday, so, if I have a party, it generally interferes with that depending on when the game is. 


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