These are My Confessions: Guilty Pleasures

I like the confessions link up with ideas, because then I’m not always running on my own ideas.  It helps me generate a blog post when my real brain is frazzled as it is today. 

– Red Vines:  I could eat these all day, everyday and I really need to stop.  I have no self control when I buy them.  I gave them up for the month of May and I probably should have stuck with that. 

– Wedding Boards on Pinterest:  Some people think that its dumb but I just love looking at them.  Someday I hope I get married, but I just love looking (and pinning onto my secret board).  Little girls always dream about their wedding, right? 

– Golden Girls:  I own 5 seasons on DVD and have probably seen almost every episode.  It always makes me laugh.  Most people think that I’m too young, or that I’m weird for it, but it is one of my favorite TV shows. 

– Magazines:  I love reading them and buying them.  They don’t really fit the budget right now, but I was super excited when I got a fantastic offer from Cosmo.  My favorites (in no particular order:  Cosmo, Glamour, InStyle, People Style Watch, and Shape). 

– RHONJ & RHOC:  These are awful shows but I really can’t get enough.  I may have gotten cable back simply to watch these shows. 

– Ice Cream and Fro Yo:  My favorite things in the whole world.  When it comes to dessert these are the only things I need.  I don’t need cake or pie (I’ll eat it of course, I have a raging sweet tooth) but ice cream/fro yo is where it’s at. 

Going out to breakfast:  I love breakfast food and I think that I really like going out for breakfast.  My mom and I were supposed to when she was visiting and we didn’t get to, and I’m kind of bummed out.  Pancakes, French toast, waffles, omelets, etc.  Yum-o!  Oh and great coffee. 


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