Some Happenings ‘Round Here

image (28)

This past week, this guy and I celebrated our first year of dating.

image (38)

We decided to go camping.  We’ve both been wanting to go and were really looking forward to it.  We’ve tried in the past and either couldn’t get the time off, couldn’t get people to go with us, or it was too cold.  So we made a short trip of it for ourselves.

image (33)

The view from our campsite.  The people who camped here before us did not know the Boy Scout/Eagle Scout protocol of leaving the place cleaner than you found it.  I should have photographed the fish guts and blood on the table.  Yum!

image (34)

Home away from home.  I’ve never seen a wide, two-person tent, but it really fit better than the more square ones.

image (40)

On our way we saw this sign and got quite the kick out of it.  I think you know why.

image (37)

The field to the left of the lake.  There were always lots of deer in it.  It was really beautiful out there.  However, we are northern California people and camping up there is SO DIFFERENT than southern California.

1.  No swimming in the lake.  Yep, we couldn’t swim.  I don’t like to swim, but it does put a damper on the camping.  You could fish though.

2.  No campfires, period.  I don’t know if in other places we would have been able to, because it has been really dry down here, but there weren’t even fire pits.

3.  Hiking around the lake was only about a mile, not quite the hike we anticipated.

So, we also failed in the other departments, and it was our own fault.  No lantern, or flashlight.  Only one pan.  So we ate our meals in shifts.  It was, somewhat funny.  Good thing we had plenty of beer and enjoy each other’s company.  We also went and looked at the stars.  It was enjoyable, but next time we will go somewhere else, where there is more to do.

image (32)

If you had told me last year that he and I would be where we are, I wouldn’t have necessarily believed it.  Not that I wouldn’t have wanted it, but I wouldn’t have believed it could happen.  It has been an amazing year and he always makes me beyond happy.  We went and had a really fancy dinner (where I proceeded to almost spill the whole table on my lap, twice) with an amazing view.  My food was spectacular and his was pretty good.  I’m not sure what the savory mousse we were supposed to drink before our meal was for, but we didn’t.  Needless to say, we are not super high class.  And to end it, a few days later I got the best gift a girl could ask for.  A tempurpedic mattress pad.  My bed is now beyond comfortable.  He really is the best. 


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