Only 3 Months?

Three months is a long time, although I have felt that my life is moving faster than I would like.  I only want it to move quickly when I’m at work. 

In these three months I would do these things: 

1.  Travel.  Europe.  I’m not sure where, but plenty of time in each place I go. 

2.  Sit on a beach.  Keep it simple, Hawaii would be perfect.  I do my best relaxing on the beach/in the sun. 

3.  Go to Disneyland and California Adventure.  It is my favorite place, and I want to be able to spend the time doing what I want there and not worry about missing anything. 

These things would all be if money wasn’t an issue.  I think that I would get bored if I wasn’t busy doing something all the time.  But it would be nice to be able to spend a significant amount of time doing what I want, when I want, for three months. 



Where I Come From…


These are my parents.  I obviously come from them and their lives and experiences.

My dad was the baby in his family and was a born and raised California boy.  He grew up spending lots of time with his family, playing sports and eventually went onto college.  He got a state job and retired after 30 plus years of service.  He passed along his love of country and classic rock music; watching sprint car races; funny movies and TV shows; and the ability to take care of myself as a girl in this world.

My mom is the middle child.  She grew up in North Dakota and moved to California when she was in elementary school.  She lived in Hawaii for a year, gained lots of life experiences, worked her way from the bottom in a state job, and retired with 30 plus years of service.  She taught me my love of trashy/ridiculous TV shows; bargain shopping; exercising; reading; and how to be comfortable and happy with the person I am.

They came from these people:


These are my dads parents.  My grandfather grew up very, very poor during the Great Depression in Chicago.  He had quite a few brothers and sisters and his love of ketchup stems from that being the only condiment they could afford.  He worked for the postal service and in his retirement built things out of wood.  He built me a dollhouse, liked making birdhouses for people, and enjoyed making us “weight watchers” shakes in the summer (ice, cocoa powder and a little bit of milk).

My grandmother grew up in LA, her mom died when she was young and I am sure it made her a resilient woman.  She was a nurse and fostered my love of crafting, creating, and baking.  I’d much prefer baking cookies from scratch, thanks to her experience.


These are my mom’s parents.

My grandfather and his sisters were adopted as children and grew up in North Dakota.  He was a habitual blood donor for the American Red Cross, worked hard at trying to be the best father for his children, and drove taxis for as long as I can remember as a child.

My grandmother grew up in North Dakota as well, with 8 or 9 brothers and sisters (I can hardly keep track).  My neat freak gene stems from her, she enjoyed cleaning as a strong obsession.  She tried to reign in all the bad habits that I picked up as a child, and I’m so glad that I can say they finally have rubbed off.


Thanks to all these people who created and shaped the experiences and the ups and downs in my life.  Without them I wouldn’t be as strong as I am.  They gave me the tools and skills to navigate this life, the good and the bad.  No matter how difficult or easy my life may be, they gave me everything I need to survive this crazy thing called life.

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