I don’t have too many photos from my weekend, but I will share some things that I found quite entertaining from the weekend:

Just read this.  Don’t admit out loud to them, just nod and agree on the inside. 

My spin instructor has played this song and I pretty much LOVE it:

Monday (either tomorrow or today depending when this goes live or you read it) is apparently Mickey Mouse’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Mickey! 


Welcome to Wednesday

So… Tuesday ended on this note:

image (42)

Awesome downtown San Diego sunset, no filter needed. Good run, good work out, awesome dinner and time with my favorite guy.  Little less sleep than I would like, but coffee made up for it. 

So, Wednesday is usually a rest day (although I did run at lunch because I felt like it) and I was all content on having a relaxing evening of Bible Study and me time. 

image (43)

I was gonna get my lunch ready for tomorrow, eat a healthy dinner, take a shower and head on out…  However, as luck and life may have it, I came home to this:

image (41)

And a huge puddle on the floor.  And the countertops covered in nastiness. 

Now I’m waiting on the plumber, who basically came in and looked like, “hell no,” and left. 

Life, can we pretty please with lots of sugar and deliciousness on top, be friends? 

K thanks? 


My favorite guy in the world turned 29 this weekend.  So, thankfully, he had the weekend off and I had a 3 day weekend, so we got to do a lot of fun and exciting things.  And of course spend good, quality time together.  Here are some snippets of our weekend. 


I like to bake, and I’m good at it.  I’d rather bake from scratch (to add some extra love, ha ha ha) than from a box.  BUUT, let me tell you, carrot cake is no joke.  Grating carrots takes a long time. 

image (3)

They turned out super cute with the mustaches and were amazingly delicious.  Brian said they were the best he had ever eaten.  Best girlfriend award goes to this girl.  I also got him a great gift, not to toot my own horn, but he’s almost as lucky as I am. 

image (4)

He had a little party, and then we headed to a local casino where his birthday luck didn’t last.  $.40 is better than nothing right? 

The rest of his actual birthday was more low key.  Beer, food, and football.  Go Karts and more food.  I need a detox from my weekend. 

Since it was a holiday weekend, today is included so after some chores and his dentist appointment we took this lady out to the park: 

image (5)


image (2)

I don’t know why this picture is so wide, but I had to make sure I got one of us.  My bangs could use a trim or something. 

image (6)

She can totally drink out of the drinking fountain, which is so funny. 

The longest wait for dinner ever after an afternoon of some shopping and errands ended our weekend.  I’d say we both had a pretty great weekend. 

Hope you had a great Veteran’s Day weekend!  Go thank and hug a veteran.