Welcome to Wednesday

So… Tuesday ended on this note:

image (42)

Awesome downtown San Diego sunset, no filter needed. Good run, good work out, awesome dinner and time with my favorite guy.  Little less sleep than I would like, but coffee made up for it. 

So, Wednesday is usually a rest day (although I did run at lunch because I felt like it) and I was all content on having a relaxing evening of Bible Study and me time. 

image (43)

I was gonna get my lunch ready for tomorrow, eat a healthy dinner, take a shower and head on out…  However, as luck and life may have it, I came home to this:

image (41)

And a huge puddle on the floor.  And the countertops covered in nastiness. 

Now I’m waiting on the plumber, who basically came in and looked like, “hell no,” and left. 

Life, can we pretty please with lots of sugar and deliciousness on top, be friends? 

K thanks? 


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