It’s That Time Again

Cleaning everything up.  Mostly in my diet, as I ate exceptionally awful from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Today is the first day, and here is the plan:

breakfast:  eggs/egg whites, oats, blueberries, coffee with stevia

snack 1:  apple, celery and almond butter

lunch:  chicken, sweet potato, vegetable

snack 2:  homemade protein bars (carrot cake this week, Jamie Eason’s recipe) – these are amazing, can’t wait to try others. 

dinner:  ground turkey, brown rice, veggies

dessert (so I don’t buy junk):  yogurt/Quest bar/homemade protein bar/air popped popcorn

However, all the meal prep is for the birds, let me tell you.  It takes a lot of work and effort.  I’m glad I did it because it does make life easier and I know that I’ll feel so much better, but it isn’t always fun.

My main goal is to eat as clean as possible, limit my sugar and dairy intake, and overall make sure that my eating goals match my workout goals.  I work out too hard to not let my food intake support that. 

Not to mention, going back to work after a week of vacation is not enjoyable either.  I slept awfully last night, so extra coffee is a must. 

Enjoy your last partial week of 2013. 


Christmas Traditions


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I love Christmas.  I was so excited and happy to put up my tree this year.   I couldn’t wait to tell everyone that I had done it.

photo (33)

As a child, my dad’s parents and sister would come to our house Christmas Eve for dinner, church, and presents.  We also received all our gifts from my mom and dad.  My mom’s mom and step mom would come by to watch, but we received gifts from them on Christmas Day.


(Christmas Eve 2009)




(Christmas Eve 2012)


(Christmas Eve)


(Christmas Eve)


(Christmas Eve)


(Christmas Eve 2009)


(Christmas Morning 1993?)

Christmas Day was spent at my mom’s mom’s house, until my grandma died, and then it eventually moved to my parents’ house.  My aunt, uncle, and cousins come over and we open gifts.  On Christmas Day, the adults draw names so that they only have to buy one gift.  Children, however, receive a lot of gifts.  My cousin’s daughter is bringing home the Christmas gift bank these days as she is the only child around.  Also, we bring a $5 gift and play, “The Wright Family Christmas.”  For awhile we were doing Mexican themed food on Christmas Day, but we’ve kind of been doing some other things.

I’ve always loved Christmas time.  There is a street by the house I grew up in that always has lights and it was usually part of our holiday traditions to go to that and the live nativity at the church down the street.

Apparently we don’t take photos on Christmas morning, or maybe the one of my butt crack is the least embarrassing of them?