ten on tuesday.

1.  I finally did it.  I cut off my hair.  I’m having some remorse, but only because I think that the long hair made my look sexy (I am vomiting in my mouth as I type that) and pretty.  I know that my face is the same, but it just seems like that’s how it was. 


2.  Plyos an agility drills in between your sets at the gym, followed by bike sprints are insane.  It is so true you don’t have to do cardio for hours on end.  I will, however, continue to run and spin because I do what I want. 

3.  My numb toe might be a nerve problem, but now I have numbness in my opposite quad.  Lucky me?  Apparently the downhill start at 27. 

4.  Speaking of 27, I had a pretty awesome time for my birthday.  I went to Disneyland with Brian’s mom (well part of the day by myself) on my actual birthday:

image (4)

And then Brian took me to Catalina Island for the weekend:

image (2)

Our hotel gave us free wine and cheese. 

image (1)

Dive bar for beer and tacos. 

image (3)

And hiking, because that’s what we do. 

Love this guy, so much.  He’s the best! 

5.  Trying to get back into this clean eating, but sometimes your body REALLY fights it.  Migraines anyone?

6.  Orange is the New Black may be my favorite TV show right now (I mean, Dexter and Breaking Bad are done, what’s a girl to do?)

7.  I wish I was more stylish.  This is about as good as it gets (and seriously, I’m wearing leggings AND my doctor told me to trash those boots because they are probably what is causing my nerve damage in my foot.  Pain is beauty right?  Except it isn’t pain, its numbness and tingling. 

image (5)

8.  I canceled my cable and yet I still have it…  Interesting. 

9.  I sweat a lot.  Like, no joke, its like I took a shower with my clothes on. 

image (7)

10.  These are pretty good.  I have 2 other flavors to try (chocolate chip cookie dough is awesome; trying double chocolate chunk and white chocolate raspberry). 

image (6)


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