I’m the kind of girl…



+ who overanalyzes and overthinks everyday, moment, scenario and situation.

+ who runs and workout because she loves it, but also because she love to eat all the food.

+ who could drink coffee all day long.

+ knows the words to every Backstreet Boys, Garth Brooks, and Spice Girls song.

+ who doesn’t like her schedule to be thrown off or plans to be changed (or worse, not even be made).

+ that wishes yoga pants or jeans and v-neck tees were acceptable attire for every single day (if I actually have to wear pants).

+ doesn’t like to wear pants, shoes, or socks.

+ who cries as my most common mode of emotional expression.

+ that prefers 80’s – early 2000’s rap and funk music to anything else; especially if you want me to get my groove on. 

+ who likes wearing big sunglasses.

+ who loves reading. 

+ that doesn’t like baths; I sweat too much.

+ that could live off pizza, ice cream, and crackers.

+ who makes her bed every.single.morning. no matter what.



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