Let’s Confess

Linking up with Leslie

I confess that…

– I listen to music like this on the regular, yet if you knew me you’d think I’m the tamest, calmest white girl you know. 

image (8)image (11)

– I really miss a certain guy who has been visiting his family.  I haven’t really talked to him since Tuesday and won’t until much later and I’m not a fan.  I am bored and lonely.  Probably why I am able to actually blog. 


– My mom’s friend (who is in her late 50s) was giving away clothes, and said I could have some things.  Yes I picked this.  Yes, it is a size Large.  A&F, girls should hate you. 

image (9)

– I cooked my shrimp for my lunch in the same pan as my eggs for dinner and didn’t wash/rinse it.  Lazy over here. 

– I cut off the sleeves of my shirt that was too big to try and make a cool tank.  And, I pretty much just look like a tool. 

image (10)

– I gave up candy and ice cream for Lent.  So, I just ate a lot of berries for dessert.  At least it was post work out. 

– I haven’t ran all week and probably won’t and I’m about 90% ok with that.  My mind and body needed a break. 

Have a great weekend.  Today is the day the guy mentioned above finally comes home, and I’m pretty excited. 



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