Life Lately

I’m blogging again.  It is a miracle.  Let’s update you on what’s been going on in this crazy life of mine. 

image (31)

This wonderful guy moved in with me back in May.  It has been awesome and amazing.  He’s the best. 

image (32)

My fur sister had to be put to sleep, but it ended her suffering and she is playing in dog heaven with our other dog and her brother. 

image (34)

She’s resting under there in my parents’ backyard. 


My little sister got her Maters of Arts in Teaching. 

image (35)

And she added that middle dog to her family.  His name is Panda and he is super cute. 


I cut off all my hair and totally love it. 


My family visited and my sister did her first spin class. 


We went to some baseball games and the zoo. 


And now I’m trying to enjoy the rest of my vacation before I have to o back to work on Monday. 


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