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I went to Las Vegas over the weekend, to go to a SoundGarden and Nine Inch Nails concert, which is so not like me.  I did, however, enjoy Nine Inch Nails.  They are really good.  With that being said, I went to the doctor Monday and although I knew I had gained some weight and had hoped it was mostly muscle, I was really disappointed to see my actual weight.  I know that the scale is not the best measurement for wellness, health, and fitness but I just couldn’t believe it.  If anybody reads this, I will not be offended in the slightest, but looking at that photo above (no filters, no nothing, just me and my iPhone), how much do you think I weigh? 

I’m trying to get better at this eating thing, BUT I suck at it.  I hate the “bro” diet and I hate cooking.  I’m eating chicken as we speak and although it is ok right now, I’m not sure how much of it I could stomach. 

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This is my sister’s new puppy Panda.  He actually looks like a little panda getting into that box.  He’s digging around for a toy to play with.  He’s so cute, I can’t wait to meet him. 

I’ve been making protein pancakes for breakfast and I’m actually really enjoying them.  They keep me really full, so much better than the egg whites and oats.  And although I should have some veggies with my breakfast, I eat enough throughout the rest of the day so I am set. 

On the fitness front, I’m trying to get back into running.  Last week was ok, we will see how this week goes.  But, in good news I can now squat pretty low on a bosu ball and do some unassisted dips.  I’m pretty happy about both those things.  It is a hard balance to be super strong, super fit, and thin.  Not that being thin is my real goal, but it would be nice if all my clothes fit again.  Then, I wonder if it is all the junk in my trunk from squats? 


Fitness Blondie


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