Well Look Who It Is

Oh hey, this whole blog thing has kinda been skipped.  All you working, fitness fanatics, blog writers, life livers, who are also moms how do you do it?  At this point in my night I want nothing more than to either veg out in front of the television OR read OR fall asleep.  Let’s be real, I have no problem falling asleep at 8 p.m.  Which is crazy because I generally get 7 – 8 hours of sleep which is generally more than the average person.  Except for my man who always gets 8 perfect hours.  Here are some of the latest happenings around here while I try and figure out how I want this blog to go.



Valentine’s Day came and went and like any respectable, classy lady I saw this.  I really liked it and I love the soundtrack.  Say what you wish about me, but I don’t care. 


Then I went skiing for the first time as an adult in Mammoth.  I was really scared, but he managed to be a great teacher and it turned out okay.  Did I love it?  Eh, not but I didn’t hate it.  Progress not perfection. 



I’m on Day 3 of my Advocare 24 day challenge.  I’m feeling ok, I’m not sure how it will go, but as long as it can jump start some of my healthy choices and get my insides in tip top shape, I’m game. 

I also turned 28, but was sick, sick, sick and so that has no photos to share.  Overall, so far, 28 and 2015 has been great.  Let’s see if I can get myself blogging regularly again.